Hand operation for a hygienic solution so it can be used by multiple people. Includes detachable wrist laynard and 9-volt battery. Great for Coaches, Teachers, and Intramural Sports, or as a safety whistle! The Windsor 3-tone electronic whistle lets you quickly make your calls while on the run while providing a loud, consistent sound every time. It features 3 distinct tone settings and a fast push button activation to assure a quick response. Hand operated instead of mouth blown for better hygiene, it comes with a 4" long wrist lanyard and two AAA batteries.

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I use it to coach youth travel soccer. I've used it for two to three practices each week for over 6 months now and have not needed to replace the batteries yet. This  ELECTRONIC SPORTS WHISTLE -Frequency: 4000+500Hz -Volume: 120dB= 5dB -Batteries not included (2 AAA) The Blue Sport Electronic Whistle is a hand operated whistle with a wrist strap attachment. This sanitary solution for any user provides a clear and strong sound   Never worry about sharing whistles again with this hygienic electronic whistle.

Precision Electronic Whistle Two selectable whistle tones Easy to use: Operate by single hand Strong and consistent sound Special design metal-tubing 125db +/-5dB Suitable for Sports Good for all climates Requires 4 x CR2032 Batteries (Supplied) The National Collegiate Athletic Association’s chief medical officer has hailed the electronic whistle as “brilliant” and its use isn’t confined to sports – in April, a large European Find great deals on eBay for electronic sports whistle. Shop with confidence. Fantastic electronic whistle with a clear, loud sound. Menu.

Electronic sports whistle

Such whistles are durable and hygienic. Thye are versatile and great for sports events, outdoor games, or emergencies. There are a few electronic whistles worth using because of their durability and quality construction. Available in 3 models, these electronic whistles offer a tailored option to your refereeing needs.

Electronic sports whistle

Refsworld. Electronic Whistle. $38.95.
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Electronic sports whistle

4 switch three tone function design. Sound Power: 125 dB. The Fox 40 Electronic Whistle is a great item for coaching, PE classes, boating and even personal safety. www.morleyathletic.com Mini sport police whistle with Metal Ring&Lanyard. USD2.50 Multi-sports Effective Hygienic Battery Powered Push Button Electronic Whistle Basketball Referee Whistles.

-EWT Electronic Whistle -Electronic whistle with 120dB burst is loud and easy to control. The durable casing is clean and sanitary for multiple users at any tournament or facility.
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The simple push button design emits a high pitched 120dB whistle sound. Perfect for sporting events. 120 dB whistle sound; Includes 4 x LR44 Batteries; Adjustable lanyard. Listen to the whistle here HP-788 is one of Y&S's most hot sell product. After installing 4 LR44 batteries, you could easily have a whistle sound up to 125dB with a press of a button. Give verbal commands without a whistle in user's mouth.

I didn't see this as an option, because I'm a "verbal" soccer referee and can't run at high pace while having a whistle clamped between my teeth anyway.

Windsor Three-Tone Gray Whistle. Electronic Sports Whistle utilizes a push button for hand operation that provides a loud, clear and consist sound every time. Improved Hygiene with hand operated.